Capital Project: Changes are Coming to Campus


Student Senate recently approved this year’s Capital Project for two new water fountains in the residence halls and renovations to the Tortington Arms Pub. For those who don’t know what the Capital Project is, it’s a budget of $25,000 to be put towards a project that students want to see on campus.

Last semester, Student Senate sent out a survey about what changes they would like to see on campus and water fountains and the pub were the best options. The water fountains will be located in Colby and Charter Hall. As for the pub, students will be able to use it as another place to hang out and if you are of age, you will still be able to get a drink. President of Student Senate, Danielle Stevens, explained the process on how they picked the Capital Project.

“Student Senate brainstormed ideas that fell under the capital project definition. Then, we surveyed students. We chose 2 of the top 5 most voted options on the survey,” said Stevens.

Stevens believes that we will be seeing these renovations either over spring break or over the summer.

The engagement of students also helped Student Senate decide what the best option was to bring to campus.

Steven states, “There are a majority of students who did engage in the survey for the genuine concern of bettering the school. I believe the incentive to give an opportunity to win flex cash was what also engaged students to fill the survey out.”

The Capital Project is only one aspect of what Senate has done thus far in the school year, they have also been working on other projects as well.

“Senate is working with SSC on implementing a better system for putting in work orders and working with Chartwell’s for better quality of food and to-go containers. Student Senate, specifically D’Nysha Cook, has implemented an African American literature course that students can take in Fall 2018. Senate has also worked towards the implementation of 25-30 bikes coming this spring,” explained Stevens.

Student Senate meets every other Thursday in the Board Room on the fifth floor of the Simon Center. They are open to hearing any concerns that students might have about their experiences here at any NEC to ensure improvement of campus.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these new amenities coming to campus!





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