Grown-ish: Episode 3 Review


It’s clear that in Episode 3 of Grown-ish Zoey breaks her promise about not chasing around Aaron anymore. Ending the second episode by receiving Aaron’s “U Up?” text, she decides to go out and see him. She surely had me fooled, I thought her late night antics were finished but it looks like I was wrong. If colleges didn’t want their students to enjoy the sexual attractions of one another why would they give us dorm rooms with lockable doors and beds inside. This is basically a sign from the college telling us to go out, have your fun and enjoy new experiences.

Zoey reminds me of myself, being in similar situations, and the late nights in college knowing I have responsibilities to attend to in the morning. There have been times when I’ve had early morning practices and still decided to go out and have fun with friends.

It’s another late college night and Zoey receives another “U Up?” text from Aaron. It’s pretty clear that Zoey has caught on to the meaning of the “U Up?” text and is considering staying up yet another night. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, she calls her group of friends, her twin sisters Sky and Jazz, Nomi, and of course her roommate Ana to discuss what this “U Up?” really means.

Finally understanding that Aaron’s text was a sign for them to hook up, Zoey decided not to respond thinking this will make him want her more. I hate when people make decisions like that. If your feelings are mutual and you both are interested in each other why try to make the other person work harder? Zoey purposely chooses not to respond to Aaron’s message. Being in a similar situation as Aaron, I would take this as a sign that Zoey is not interested. We are all young adults, sitting around waiting for someone to like you back takes too much of your time. The best thing Aaron can do to get over Zoey is to find a new girl.

The thing about college is you’re on your own now and you’re basically an adult. There should be no reason why people can’t just be straightforward with each other so there is no confusion and no feelings are hurt. So when Zoey sees Aaron and his new girl walking around campus those thoughts of ”Oh that could’ve been me” shouldn’t hurt and make her angry because that was the vibe that she sent off.

Zoey is adjusting to the college life pretty well though. She decides not to pout but instead respond to Luca’s “U Up?” text. People are temporary, as you go through life some people are going to come and some will go which Zoey is now starting to understand.

The tension is rising and continuing to intrigue me; I can’t wait to see what happens in episode four.

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