Grown-ish: Episode 2 Review


Episode 2 of Grown-ish surely had me out of my seat. College has finally caught up with Zoey as she struggles to balance her social life with her school work. Still not being on speaking terms with her roommate, Ana, is just another daily problem for Zoey. In many cases, our first friend in college happens to be our roommate. It’s important that the relationship you share with your roommate is close since you will be living with them for at least a year. Building a healthy and trustworthy relationship is key to squashing the problems that Zoey and Ana are having before things get any worse.

Not only is Zoey not seeing eye to eye with Ana, more stress is placed upon her when her friend Luca pressures her to find her “thing” which he believes will help her relax more. Despite college being the best four years of your life, they forget to mention all the stress that comes along with it. Managing your school work, finding time for a social life, working a job and for some, playing sports, can often be far too much to handle. But, if Zoey is under so much stress maybe taking a break and finding her “thing” won’t be such a bad idea. I feel as though in today’s society many college students similar to Zoey are open to finding their “thing” anyways so it shouldn’t be hard for Zoey do the same and find peace with herself.

Unfortunately, Zoey continues to dig herself into a hole when she skips out on another night of homework to attend an art exhibit hoping she runs into her crush, Aaron. No matter what age you are I think it is always going to be hard to get the attention of the person you like. It’s clear that Zoey’s way of going about this is going out and getting noticed hoping her crush will break the ice. I wonder if all girls use this as a way to get attention, if so I guess you can’t blame Zoey.

Usually males are the one to go over and break the ice, but guys don’t know who’s interested in them unless the woman chooses to be the one to strike up a conversation. Personally, if I was in Zoey’s shoes, since what she’s doing is not working, I would go up to Aaron and start talking rather than wait on him to make the first move.

Zoey starts to believe that maybe chasing Aaron around campus is not such a good idea, especially after another Aaronless night, stumbling back to her room waking her annoyed roommate Ana. I believe that the relationship between you and your roommate should be tight. When situations get tough and your back is against the wall your roommate can be the person that you can turn to.

Despite Zoey’s ludicrous night she sees this as an opportunity to be the bigger person and kill the tension with her roommate and finally apologize. Zoey makes a promise to herself saying that she’s done with partying and over-chasing Aaron, and only plans to focus on her school work. Right before Zoey closes her eyes she receives the “U Up?” text from none other than Aaron.

Where does Zoey go from here? Is she actually up or is she gonna go to sleep? We’ll find out in the next episode.

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