Grown-ish: Episode 1 Review


Did you catch the first episode of the brand new series Grown-ish on Hulu? If you missed it, here’s a quick rundown.

Zoey, played by Yara Shahidi, entered her freshman year at California University of Liberal Arts. Instantly, Zoey is forced to take a midnight Digital Marketing class because she was late for her class registration. Unfortunately, this class is filled with drug addicts, tramps, and six other students that somehow manage to change her life.

We interact with thousands of people in our lifetimes, and we may never know that a future millionaire could be sitting right next to us. Many people have a tendency to overlook others and make judgments before actually taking the time to get to know them. Grown-ish emphasizes the importance of building connections with everyone despite their outside appearance. 

Who knows? They could be the ones that help take your future plans to the next level. Me personally, I don’t understand how a bunch of students that can’t even make it to a registration on time can change your life so drastically, but I guess it shows how we make friends. Science says that opposites attract, and although science isn’t always correct, Zoey’s interactions with the students in her class show this to be true. 

Somehow this group of opposites, who possibly would’ve never spoken to each other, play such an important role in each other’s success. What instantly caught my eye was the way these kids were able to confess to each other their secrets on why they really chose this midnight class. I think the reason why people don’t take the time to get to know others is due to shyness and not wanting to open up. Being in a new environment, it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone and try new things when you’re so accustomed to doing things your own way.

Growing up in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, people are not as open to discussion as these seven are, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not as easy to open up because finding someone you trust is hard to do nowadays. People are unpredictable, and when you show them your vulnerability you don’t know who they will tell. I thought that giving a truthful answer on why they chose this particular class was beyond me. This shows that right from the start they were not afraid to be themselves and open up. Being able to open up with each other made them even closer because they now trusted one another with their secrets.

Although Zoey hesitated to tell her new friends why she chose the class, seeing everyone else do so made it a lot easier. And just like that, a new life for Zoey Johnson began.


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