Grown-ish: Episode 7 Review


When a breakup occurs, time seems to move slower and the world can feel like it’s crashing down around you.

When Zoey and Cash’s relationship comes to end, the healing process is not as easy for Zoey as it is for Cash. Break ups leave people questioning everything about themselves, and for Zoey, things aren’t any different.

She continually questions how feelings can change “just like that.” Her friends try to convince her that moping around all day won’t change things, and having been in Zoey’s position before, her friends are right. Not only that, there is a strong chance that Cash is not stressing the break up as much as Zoey is.

Being a man, I feel as though despite the situation Zoey is in, women tend to bounce back a little bit faster than men do. Both men and women suffer equally as much during this process if the feelings to end the relationship were mutual. Many men try to keep their emotions to themselves, versus women who don’t care to express how they feel. We saw this earlier in the season with how Zoey handled her growing relationship with Aaron. Men don’t know how to properly deal with their emotions so they tend to try anything possible to keep their mind off of it.

They say the best way to get over an old relationship is to get into a new one. Despite Cash jumping into a new relationship faster than Zoey, she could be approached by a new guy at anytime. Because women are  approached more often than a guy will be, it could give her confidence to make herself more available to the next guy. Men’s relationship confidence will determined by what the female says, but during this process a women can gain her confidence back without saying a word simply by being approached.

Some men get into their player ways and try to hook up with every girl they see post-breakup, but this is simply a way to hide their feelings. Men choose not to show their feelings and be vulnerable because it makes them feel like “less of a man,” which is probably why Cash chooses to jump in relationship so soon.

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