Grown-ish: Episode 6 Review


You know that feeling when all you can do is smile, when things seem to fall into place and the only thing on your mind is that one person? The reason why that person is constantly on your mind is probably because they are supposed to be there. That feeling is called falling in love.

In episode 6 of the series Grown-ish, it’s clear that’s exactly how Zoey is feeling. Falling in love is such a hard thing to do and it’s not as easy as it seems, especially when you’re in college. Zoey believes that once you fall in love all your problems become easier to manage because you’ve found someone to help you through them. What Zoey fails to realize is that once you get into a relationship, your problems become their problems, and their becomes yours, ontop of the ones you already have.

Although love is a feeling and not a decision, being a college student can make it difficult to find your significant other. People wake up with different feelings everyday. One day you think you’re in love, and the next day you’re crying your eyes out to your best friend about the same person.

Giving college students the benefit of the doubt, I know from experience that the ages of 18-24 can be the most emotionally confusing years. First, because you’re unsure where you should be in life, and second your financial stability is always going to be on the short end of the stick. And finally, those constant thoughts of the future and what’s going to happen next will constantly reappear in your head. You will start to feel unprepared for the next step in your life and setbacks will occur and difficult decisions will have to be made, which is why people’s actions and decisions switch up constantly.

You can’t predict your future based on one day. At such a young age it is so hard to make life long decisions when in reality, life has just begun. The way you handle and go about these situations will determine who you really are as a person and help you find your inner self. I believe that instead of focusing on being in love, Zoey and Cash should figure out what they want to do before who they want to do it with. Ultimately, this will put them in a better position if they still decide to persue their relationship further.

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Alonzo is second year student looking to pursue a career in film directing. He majors in Communications. He also plays for Coach Charlie Mason on the basketball team. He is a very friendly guy with a bright smile who’s always willing to stop what he’s doing to help out the next person.
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