Grown-ish: Episode 8 Review


Social media is used all over the world and the transformation of interactive technology through the years is incredible. Social media was originally targeted towards teenagers, but nowadays adults and even young kids are fascinated by what is streaming.

Social media gives people the opportunity to express themselves in a controlled setting they can choose. The problem with social media is people can often take advantage of this freedom too literally. People are able to get in contact with almost anybody who uses social media, whether they’re a colleague, friend, or even a famous celebrity. But social media too often becomes a place where we feel the need to post and say what we want without concern of the consequences that can come back to haunt us.

In episode 8 of Grown-ish, Zoey finally gets her fellowship with Teen Vogue. On her first day, she discovers how serious companies are about what their employees put on the internet. Many people are so distracted by what is on their phones that they don’t realize the dangers of being on it 24/7. For example, people post explicit pictures and fail to realize that once it’s up, even if you delete it, it will always be on there. Or in real life situations, people are putting their lives at risk by constantly looking at their phones, even while crossing the street. Due to the company’s social media policies, Zoey decides to take a break from social media and dive into her fellowship. But, she soon realizes how many of her friends are distracted by their phones.

But, cell phones and social media platforms aren’t all bad. They provide faster, better ways to communicate with our family and friends, as well as immediate access to a world of information from anywhere. There’s nothing wrong with checking what’s going on on social media, but when you allow it to take over your mind and begin to check it every second of the day,  it can become an issue.

As young adults, mistakes are going to be made but they help us learn and shape our development. The only problem with making mistakes on social media is that people all over the world can see what you’ve done. Social media is a big deal and there is no room for errors, so for kids who are interested in social media take advantage of what you can, but be cautious of how you use it.


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