3 Vegan Grocery Shopping #Hacks


Within my vegan journey I have been faced with many challenges and temptations but nothing compares to the stress and anxiety when it comes to grocery shopping! I have been very stressed about what veggies and fruits I need to buy. Becoming vegan, I have been faced with the question of what will I eat during the week? Lord knows I despise going to the grocery store every single day for meals. So what’s a girl to do? In this article I will tell you 3 simple tactics and must haves for when I go grocery shopping!

#1 Grocery Lists

Grocery lists help me so much when shopping. Not only am I confident in what I am going to do, I am able to budget my money. Even though a habit that has been around forever, I was someone who took it for granted and thought it was over-rated! Not only have these lists taught me budgeting but it also taught me how to say no to my cravings!

#2 “Lazy Food Go-To”

Becoming vegan is very fun, because you have a chance to pick and choose what brand is best for you! For me, The Gardein brand is the way to go! When shopping we all need those “lazy” foods; for that I recommend the Gardein pizza pockets! Pop those into the microwave for about 1 min and 30 seconds and you’re good to good, harm-free, tasteful and fulfilling pizza pockets. With that I always boil up a bag of broccoli just for some color on the plate.

#3 Vegan Morning Breakfast Must-Haves!

One of the simple breakfasts I loved was bacon and eggs. Now that that is not an option I’ve learned what a good, easy breakfast really is. Not only is it a nutrient-rich breakfast, it’s really light on your pockets. The first thing I make is pan-seared chopped potatoes with bell peppers and onions. My next step is whole-wheat toast with mild guacamole and pan seared cherry tomatoes with garlic, salt and pepper. My last component of my breakfast is simply orange juice and a small cup of Naked’s green machine fruit smoothie. All around this breakfast can last you for over a week totaling no more than $20.00!



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