Dead by Daylight-Video Game Review  


Dead by Daylight is an epic horror game where staying alive is your only priority. The game is formatted as a first and third person setting. Dead by Daylight is a game where players have to survive through the slashers of the horror genre. The game is an interactive multiplayer horror game where players are simulated as either a slasher or a sole survivor. You have a total of five characters to choose from, but one is selected to be the main killer while the other four are selected as the survivors in a one vs. four fashion.

There are fourteen sole survivor characters on the roster and players can select any of the fourteen. The main objective of the game is to escape the surrounded area within the location you’re trapped in with the selected killer chasing you. While playing as a survivor, the movement options include sprinting, walking, and crawling. To avoid the killers without them spotting you, the survivors primary role is to hide. In order to escape the killer, you have several options including walking through darkness, ducking behind objects, and hiding inside buildings or lockers.

Survivors can use up to four perks within a character’s personality. A perk can be used for a character to improve per match and will affect the outcome of the match ups. For instance, a perk can be used for giving a character more speed or having the ability to heal quicker with a first aid kit. Each character has a minimum of three perks. Once that survivor has learned from those perks then that survivor can teach that knowledge to the rest of the remaining survivors. The perks can be unlocked through the “bloodweb,” a format to upgrade your characters, insert points, results, characters skills, info, new items, and perks in exchange for your “bloodpoints” which can be accessed while upgrading your character.

While the killer is on the loose, survivors have access to different selections of traps and weapons while on each chapter. A few tools to keep in mind for this game are the following:

-first aids kits (grab as many as you can for healing)

-toolboxes (used for repairing generators)

-maps (gives you clues to where the remaining generators are and your location)

-dull keys (used for opening hatches)

Another advantage a player can utilize in survivor mode is  wooden pallets can be used to distract the killer chasing you for a period of time. You can use that time to run as fast as you can enough to get away from the slashers. Survivors also have senses that include spotting the killer through darkness using the red sensor called the “red stain.” Another signal of be alerted when a killer is near you is hearing their signature music as it only plays when they are close to you.

While playing as the killer, one player is selected out of the five available. Killers have more leverage by striking the survivors, but have a much slower pace in doing so. Killers can’t run as much because they’re the hunters. Killers can grab objects and throw them at a survivor, pick up different weapons, and have the ability to destroy the lockers when the survivor is hiding inside. They can also can break windows while the survivor is running away from you. The only disadvantage for the players who play as the killer is that the killer is slow in climbing through windows and breaking them which can be a disadvantage giving the survivor more time to escape.

Touching immovable objects and player’s actions within the game can cause a random skill check to trigger, meaning before anything else the player will receive a noise notice and will culminate to a needle in a formation of a circle will appear on your screen. The player must match with the needle in the circle and press the action button, once you match with the needle it will let you proceed. For bloodpoints, players have two options to either select a great skill check or a good skill checks, with a good check acquiring 50 points while the great check acquires 150 including a bonus for a strain on the generators, however if you do miss a skill check there will be consequences down the line in the game based on a player’s performance.

Repairing generators takes a significant amount of time and failing to repair a generator will cause an eruption and alerting the killer. The challenge is to repair the generators quickly but once a noise happens the killers are notified and then can damage the generators slowly for about ninety seconds before taking a leave. As a result, the player must repair again making it difficult to catch up. If a killer catches a survivor, then either the player can try to wiggle out of the slashers hands before being impaled or wait until another survivor comes and rescues you.

Downloadable content is also available for Dead by Daylight. The content includes new character packs of killers and survivors. New killers include Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Michael Myers from Halloween, and Amanda Young “The Pig” from Saw. Each character has new information on them and new chapters available online only.

Will you try to stay alive? I dare you to put your life on the line and get Dead by Daylight now. Beware you will be frightened, you will be tormented, and some of you may not even get out alive. Dead by Daylight is out now on PlayStation 4 and X-Box 1 consoles and for Microsoft Windows.


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