Rise of The Tomb Raider Video Game Review


The adventures of British archaeologist, Lara Croft, continue in an all new third person action-adventure video game. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a sequel to the 2013 game Tomb Raider: Crystal Dynamics and an all new trilogy is in the works with Rise of the Tomb Raider already being the second released. The story mode follows Lara venturing out in Siberia trying to find the lost city of Kitezh, however, she’s not alone. There are enemies who seek the same goal as she does and will do anything to stop her.

Play as Lara Croft in an open cinematic world full of non-stop action and adventure. Lara carries a variety of weapons that each player can select from. (Riffles, Shot Guns, and explosives) Stealth is also included as well where you can use Lara to go behind an enemy and attack. You can also use bow and arrows and make distractions while throwing fiery objects. Lara can use nature to fend off her enemies all while using explosive barrels to shoot while an enemy is near, attack while hiding in the bushes, or ambushing enemies from higher grounds.

Lara has also street level tactics, you can use her to fight an enemy with a combat or using one of her knifes. While playing throughout the story mode you need to complete side missions and complete all main objectives giving players extra experience points. While collecting sufficient XP points players can level up and can receive skill points. While receiving points go to the “skill tree” under the skill tab and players can spend them on three “skill trees:”  hunter, brawler, and survivor. However, brawler helps Lara have the ability to get more weapons, gives her a boost in collecting more bow and arrows from deceased corpses, more stealth aim, and dodging. The hunter gives Lara more of a sense when dealing with nature and tracking animals. Survivor gives her an advantage to create bombs and set traps.

While collecting materials, players can use Lara to create different types of crafty weaponry. Go to the crafting menus and use Lara to craft weapons with the likes of ammunition, arrows, and guns. Lara’s outfits affect her personality plus combat skills. Players can change her attires by going to base camps. The camp fires are load outs meaning that you can change her attires, weapons or save and exit the game from that area. There are side missions while playing throughout the story mode and players can collect more points and items of interest. While playing a side mission players can also find new navigation routes and receive new equipment.

There’s also a lot of hardcore parkour that players must do in the game. Lara’s pick axe can be used to help her climb icy glaciers. You can also target an arrow to a nearby rope surface for Lara to swing across. The game gives provides players with critical strategy challenges while solving puzzles to move on to new chapters.

Play as Lara Croft and help her solve the mystery of the lost city of Kitezh. Help her complete her mission and become an ultimate hero. Rise of the Tomb Raider is out now for Microsoft Windows, X-box 1, and PlayStation 4.

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