Shadow of The Tomb Raider- Video Game Review


Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the most recent game of the franchise and the third sequel of the previous two installments, Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider 2015. The game picks up after the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It follows Lara venturing off in the forbidden area in South America in the legendary city known as, Paititi.

In the new released game, players follow Lara into a brand-new game play and story mode traveling the depths of the city. Players must now explore the environment with new open hubs. As players investigate around now, you’re given the chance to plot and come up with new ways to attack opponents. Again, players must use stealth mode to counter Lara’s enemies while looking around for semi-open hubs. These new hubs provide Lara with an option to raid and challenge tombs to unlock rewards, new side missions, and a sense mode to discover new resources for materials.

Players can now play the new game in third person. The main story mode is focused around the continent of South America. Players can now partake in brand new side missions and requests new from other acquaintances of Lara’s and can help them out. Also, you can unlock the city’s rich history and learn about Paititi.

There’s a new system called the barter system which allows players to trade off weapons and resources in the city. There are new adjustments inserted in the new game such as Lara’s ability to hold her breath under water while she swims. She’s able to hold her breath for a longer period of time due to air pockets included in the game. Lara also has an ability to descend down upon cliffs while using rope. In this inclusion stealth is a major part of the game play as she can disengage from combat while escaping enemy territory. She can also be in disguise while hiding in bushes, covering herself in mud, and ducking behind walls.

The game allows players to go out and hunt for animals, solve numerical and written scripture puzzles, and explore other optional quests like different tombs. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are more tombs to encounter than previous installments. It’s a new change to get more players interest in not just playing the story mode but different modes within the whole game. Players get more leverage while handling their in-game settings, while adding more selections so that players don’t have to use the same difficulty for game play. Exploration, puzzles, and combat have their own difficulty during game play so that players can get different experiences with all three of those categories according to their skill level. A new feature in the game includes the immersion mode, which permits players to hear in the background what the locals in the city are saying in their own respective language.

What will happen in the final chapter of the Tomb Raider? Find out and play as Lara Croft and experience an all new action-packed adventure as Lara seeks a new treasure within the Legendary city of Paititi. Help her fend off the evil cult known as Trinity and prevent an unfortunate event from happening that could put an end to humanity as we know it!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released on September 14th, 2018 you can get it in stores now available for PlayStation 4, X-Box One, Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux.


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