The Green Dragon: God vs. Creation


When it comes to the scary topic of climate change, it always appears as if a finger is being pointed in all directions toward who or what is to blame. Yet there is no one true cause of this problem. There are a culmination of things from all walks of life that increasingly affect climate change everyday. Due to this, you see more people living more sustainable lives in order to decrease their ecological footprint.

Yet not all people have the same outlook on the environmental movement. Some people feel that they have a God-given right to use the resources on the planet as much as they want and as often as they want, and no environmentalist or government should be able to tell them otherwise. In their eyes, God put them on the Earth to use resources and when these resources run out, God will simply give them more. They feel that if they don’t use the resources provided, it is a sin and God will punish them. Another argument is that God would not allow climate change to occur because God loves all of his creations, and that people are making it up to scare the entire world into believing that we need to use less resources.

They are so against the scientific consensus on climate change that they call the recent increase in climate consciousness the “green dragon.” This group has multiple videos but their most popular one is called “Resisting the Green Dragon” on youtube, which is where I gained most of my knowledge. They feel that environmentalists are lying to the public to make the world turn their back on their God. They are even pushing for children to not be taught about climate change because they are so young and can be easily influenced. They don’t want their kids to be poisoned by the “green dragon.” They commonly call the climate movement a virus which will hurt their children in the long run.

This view point is hindering the validation of the environmental movement among some religious groups, making it harder to believe climate change is a real thing. Using the Bible to validate the overuse of resources is horrible and many environmentalists have called the group out on it. Sadly, the Bible is interpreted in many different ways and forms in order to support peoples’ positions.

Throughout history people have been using the Bible to justify awful acts and that is basically what this religious group is doing. This group has been gaining followers but so is the environmental movement. We will see what happens in the near future.

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Jordan is a senior at New England College studying environmental studies and sustainability. She is involved in residential life, and writes articles for The New Englander about environmental problems occuring on campus and in the world.
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