10 Reasons Why You Should Attend College!


On a normal day if you were to ask someone why they attend college they would say to earn a better living and to one day have the career they’ve always dreamed of.

But, is that it?

Being that there are so many reasons an individual can decide to attend a four year college or university and so many reasons why one should, let’s go over ten important reasons everyone should attend college.

#1.) Starting Fresh:

Sometimes in life you need a fresh start. You need to be able to reinvent yourself. Being able to leave old habits behind and start new ones is a great reason anyone should attend college; particularly for anyone making the transition from teenager to adulthood. College is the perfect place to leave the old you behind and become somebody new!

#2.) Gaining Independence:

For me one of the best parts about starting school (in a completely new environment) was gaining my independence. While being away from your family, friends, and everything you know from back home you will have the opportunity to find yourself and gain your own point of view, making a transition from everything you’ve once known to beginning to know things for yourself.

#3.) Find new interests:

Prior to beginning my first year of college, I had my mind made up on my career choice even before getting my acceptance letter. Once I began attending school and taking various classes I realized my first choice, journalism, no longer had to be my only option. Take the time to experience college and all it has to offer you.

#4.) Friendships:

If you’re fortunate enough, some of your greatest relationships will come in college, from meeting people you’d be surprised you have so much in common with, to being one of the lucky ones who ends up being best friends with his or her roommate. Making friends in college will be one of things that stands out even after you are long gone. Being able to maintain those friendships is an even greater achievement, especially if you and your bestie are from two different states. Tips on how to make friends while in school: find clubs that meet your interest or get involved in various activities and see where you can help out. You never know!

#5.) Meet your soulmate:

Along with making a few good friends many people have been lucky enough to meet their soulmate in college. Although it isn’t a strong possibility, anything can happen. According to a Facebook study done in 2013 nearly 28% of married couples meet in college. So if getting your degree and possibly earning six figures isn’t enough motivation for you, consider the possibility of meeting the love of your life in the not endless, but often intriguing, college dating pool.

#6.) Reach your financial goal:

A recent study done at Georgetown University found that college graduates earn one million more than a high school graduate. On average adults with a bachelor’s degree take home $48,500 a year while high school diploma earners make only $23,900. Attending a four year college or university is great not just so you look good but so that your bank account does too.

#7.) Broaden your horizons: 

When beginning college it’s wise to begin with an open mind. Why just achieve success in one career when you can major in one and minor in the other? Why get complacent and only do good on campus when you could be doing great by studying abroad and getting summer internships? Involving yourself in variety of activities is a great learning experience but also adds to your resume.

#8.) Make lasting connections:

The people you meet in college, whether it be your friends, peers, or professors, often lead to lasting connections post-graduation. Friends of course are there no matter what and fellow students let you know what’s going on on campus, while your teachers and advisors are great for just about everything else. Whether it’s your business or math professor you never know who people know and it’s best to leave a great impression. At some point you will likely need a letter of recommendation or someone to vouch for you.

#9.) To have fun:

For many who have completed college they will tell you that it was the most fun they have ever had. While this isn’t true for everyone I can speak for myself and say so far college has been the most fun that I have had in a while. Hopefully, you will make the best of memories. You’ll be thankful that you did!

#10.) Change of scenery:

For many one of the reasons they leave for college is to move to a new location. For me moving from the city to practically the woods here in Henniker was at first an adjustment but something I’ve come to appreciate. Whether its from city to country or bedroom to dorm room, leaving what you have always known can be a great way to see new sights and discover the world around you.

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I am a Sophomore at NEC, majoring in Communications & Creative Writing. I am currently a writer for the New Englander and my future aspirations include working for either CNN, ENews or any job that would allow me to pursue my dreams in broadcast journalism.
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