Four years ago, I stepped onto this campus for soccer preseason unsure if this was the right place for me. I remember struggling through the first few months convincing myself that I didn’t want to be here. I continuously called my mother complaining about the food (if you know Gilly, you know), and my work load being so stressful. I remember her telling me to stick with it and that it will get better. Here I am four years later, a completely different person who absolutely couldn’t be happier I stayed here. New England College has shaped me into the best form of myself I could be. This campus brought me out of my comfort zone, forced me to face my fears in the best way possible, and gave me some of the best memories of a life time. New England College made me eager to learn and achieve something more for myself. Though I didn’t struggle academically in high school, I never really cared about my grades and this campus brought new challenges to me academically. Through constant support from academic advisors, professors, and friends, I was successfully inducted into two honor societies and will be graduating with honors.

Looking back at the girl I was when I first stepped on to this campus and the woman I am now is truly remarkable. I can’t tell you how many early mornings and late nights I spent working but in the end all of this couldn’t have been more worth it. This campus gives you so many opportunities to get involved and give back. The once in a life time opportunities that the Criminal Justice Club has provided me with has helped me decide my career path and experience some amazing things. As for my Professors, I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to their students and helping them achieve success. Professor Jones from the start was eager to help me travel on a successful path and without his consistent guidance and support, I wouldn’t be on the career path I am about to begin. This community has provided me with so many opportunities to grow and for that I could not be more thankful. A huge thank you to my LAS class, Forest Through Trees, where I met my best friend, Jocelyn Vien. Thanks for being my partner in crime, support system, and the person I can always count on to go to Taco Beyando with me. Also, a special thanks to Alyssa Tursi and Lauren Gibson for always being there for constant support, I love you girls. Lastly, thank you to this amazing campus for a lifetime of memories and smiles. Cheers class of 2019, we did it.

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