Coach Dave DeCew Transitions to Director of Athletics


At the end of the 2018 – 2019 school year, the New England College Athletics department was looking for a new head of the ship. After Lou Izzi moved on to another institution, head men’s soccer coach, Dave DeCew, stepped into the interim Associate Director of Athletics role.

“I’ve always had a vested interest in athletics, and obviously a passion for soccer,” said DeCew, “but I think it has always been greater than that, I just enjoy all competitive arenas.”

Having been the Head Coach of the men’s soccer team for the last 16 years, DeCew is already familiar with the campus and its student-athletes, and ready to continue the recent success of NEC’s athletic programs. He stated that the institution already has “quality coaches and student-athletes” and in order to continue growing, the recruitment of these type of student-athletes needs to continue.

“The weight of expectations is something that coaches, administrators and student-athletes might have to understand is a little different this year,” said DeCew. “With some of the successes that have taken place, the microscope is on us a little bit more and we’re going to have to be cognizant of that.”

While acknowledging that student-athletes have high expectations placed upon them athletically and academically, DeCew noted that it is important to him that they feel “100% supported.”

In a press release from NEC Athletics, President Perkins stated, “”It has been a pleasure working with Dave during his brief tenure as Associate AD and I am highly confident that he will lead our vibrant and growing athletics program to even greater heights.”

While DeCew is looking forward to getting the ball rolling on all there is to do to prepare for each season this year, he is looking ahead to the future of the program.

“There is still a lot to be determined but hopefully having a new facility is probably going to be goal number one,” stated DeCew, “and it’s a lofty one but it’s one that we feel like we can get to . . . the way that would impact not only our varsity athletes but all of our students, and our whole community, I think could be a huge success.”

Heading into the 2019 – 2020 school year in his new role, DeCew stated he is “excited to be here.”


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