CJ Club Hosts Law Enforcement Event


On Saturday, September 28th, 2019, the CJ Club hosted two police departments on the Simon Green as part of ‘Fall Fest. The Hillsborough and Barnstead police departments visited campus and participated in the day’s afternoon events.

Both departments brought police cruisers onto the Simon Green for display. The Barnstead Police Department set-up an informational tent with material on their department and showed students the inside of their cruiser and answering questions about the vehicle, equipment, and mock guns displayed at the tent.

Photo of police cruiser, courtesy of Richard Hubbard

The Hillsborough Police Department was represented by their K-9 officer who brought along ‘Gibbs’, their trained canine, who enjoyed the beautiful afternoon performing various commands and trained maneuvers. The highlight of the afternoon was a group photo with NEC President Michele Perkins who paid a visit to the tent and met the officers and, of course, K-9 ‘Gibbs’.

Photo of K-9 Gibbs, courtesy of Richard Hubbard


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Richard Hubbard is a Criminal Justice Professor at New England College.
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