Weird Things People Ate as Kids


It’s a common theme for children to be picky with their food, however, some of those combinations can get a little . . . weird. Here are some foods that people chose to eat when they were young and may even eat now.  

*Disclaimer: This is a judgment-free zone! 

“I still eat this today, cold pasta, Italian dressing, and cubed cheese. Now it’s normally served with pepperoni chunks and chopped up bell peppers. But as the picky person I am, I usually brush aside the pepperoni and the peppers, so when I make it for myself, I just make the stuff I like.” 

“When I was a kid, there were two types of sandwiches I’d eat. One, cheese and mayonnaise, that’s it. That’s what I wanted for lunch every day in elementary school. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The second sandwich was turkey, cheese and ketchup. At this point, I’m not sure what’s more gross. But I assure everyone that I certainly don’t eat these things now, except the pasta, definitely going to go make some.” 

– Sam Weekly

“I just took a plain bagel, ripped off pieces and dipped it in ranch dressing.” 

– Evan Rose

“Ketchup on Mac and Cheese.” 

“I used to eat ramen noodles like a candy bar.” 

– Madison Foley

“I currently know someone who puts ranch dressing on pasta with red sauce.” 

– Anonymous 

“I went through a tuna salad phase.” 

“I used to eat raw mushrooms and eat tomatoes like apples.” 

– Lia Mulqueen 

“Cheez-its and the canned spray cheese as a snack.” 

– Stone Cole 

“Bread and butter with sugar and drippy sauce.*” 

*‘Drippy sauce’ is made from water, oil, tomato paste, and pasta served hot and soup-like with parmesan cheese on top. This is a family food that became a regular thing to eat when my mother was a kid and has stayed in the family since. 

– Keri Weekley

“Saltines in milk with a little bit of sugar.”

Paul Heath 

“Mine was tuna noodle casserole, I cannot stand that. Another thing was putting mustard on scrambled eggs.”

– Robert Weekley 

“Toast with butter, and sugar and brown sugar mixture and then a piece of cheese.”

– Lindsay Machaud 

“Cut-up rotisserie chicken as the ‘bread’ of a sandwich with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing and mash it all together, I still eat this though.” 

– Will Towry 

“I used to eat mayonnaise, just out of the jar.” 

Caleb Day 

How much can you tell about a person by what weird foods they ate as kids? Hard to say, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, it isn’t until around one’s forties or fifties that our taste buds begin to change. Around this time, taste buds that are still present decrease in sensitivity to sweets or salty foods and when a person’s sense of smell starts to deteriorate, the taste goes as well. 

What are some strange foods that you ate?

This should be asked on the first date.

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