Do You Floss Every Day? An NEC Student Poll


If you were alive in 2016 then you probably remember it being a year of wild controversy and historical moments. Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and Harper Lee died, killer clowns emerged from the woods, reality T.V. star and alleged “businessman” Donald Trump was elected to be leader of the free world, and this reporter got her first job at the Glendale Super Target (which was subsequently named the world’s largest Super Target after the one in New York City closed, but before the one in Annapolis opened). However, without a doubt, the study published by the Associated Press declaring that dental flossing might not be as necessary as most dental professions may claim, was among the most monumental moments to come out of that year.

The study declared that flossing might not actually be linked to the onset of Periodontitis (a fairly common type of gum disease resulting from poor dental hygiene), as well as cavities, thus encouraging many people who already didn’t floss to continue on not flossing, and feel more okay about this previously questionable behavior.

On the other hand, many experts of dental health have gone on the explain that while flossing, or the lack thereof, may not be linked to this specific type of gum disease or the onset of cavities, the collection of plaque between the teeth may lead to other forms of gum disease. Furthermore, just letting all the little bits of chewed up food from your previous meals sit and ferment between your teeth for as long as it takes for you to finally brush it out is absolutely disgusting.

With all that information in mind, “to floss or not to floss” is a polarized question for those who opt to omit the ritual of pulling a waxy bit of string between their teeth from their nightly dental routine, resenting those who do for thinking they are better than them, and those who do utilize flossing thinking that the other group are objectively gross.

A poll was taken among NEC students on the New Englander’s Instagram, Twitter, and in person to see who does and does not floss everyday with the answer choices:



B.) Yes 😉

The results off of Instagram were 50/50, while the results off of Twitter showed a stark difference with 73% of students voting “…No…” and only 27% voting “Yes ;).” The in person results showed 70% of students asked voting “…No…” and only 30% voting “Yes ;),” though it should be noted many did say that while they do not floss every day, they do still floss semi-regularly (about once every three days to once a week).

That means that (not accounting for voter overlap) roughly 64.33% of NEC students do not floss every day, and the rest either do or are shameless liars.

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Lia is a senior here at New England College and hails from Denver, Colorado. She is studying Creative Writing and Philosophy.
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