Pothole Heaven


In the last year I have popped two tires. Why, might you ask? The answer is, New England College is a minefield of potholes.

I usually only drive my car to and from softball practice and the occasional Concord run now and then. Though, during a specific event in the fall semester, I was a good teammate and jump-started my friend’s car. After bringing the Jetta back from the dead, I went about my night and parked my car in Union parking lot, trying to avoid all the huge divots that take over the lot.

Now this is where things get a little more serious. The next day I was in desperate need to go to Rite Aid in Hillsborough, so I grabbed my keys and was on my way, or so I thought. I walked up to my vehicle and was about to get in until, I saw it. My front left tire, COMPLETELY flat and my back left tire low on air. As I stared at the cursed potholes leading up to my car I remembered that Fix-A-Flat was a thing. Two cans later, still no improvement on my front tire, so it was time to call in the big guns, my donut. After the donut, I called it a day and started looking for places that could check out my tires. That’s when I called up Tire Warehouse and they assessed the damage.

260 bucks later, I had some brand spanking new tires and I was feeling safe to travel back to Connecticut for winter break. Next thing I know, break comes to an end and I find myself back in good ole Henniker.

Just last week I thought, “hey, let me be a good teammate again and pick my friend up after dropping her car off at Henniker Motors.” I guess I have to stop being quite so nice to the softball team because as soon as I turned back onto Union Street on our way back from HM, another tire was low on air. It was driving a little funky but nothing too serious so I brought my car to the Mobil to put air into all my tires. The back right tire this time was the one that took the beating, but it filled up relatively quickly. I couldn’t see any holes or hear any air escaping so I went back to East and parked it.

Fast forward to the next day. I checked my tires as a safety precaution, and this time the back right tire was completely flat. So for the second time in three months, my donut came in handy. People passed as I was taking my tire off and offered help but at this point I was a professional. The donut was on and I was off to Tire Warehouse once again.

Another $300 down the drain, but don’t worry I got insurance on all my tires now. Is it really so hard to repave a road? Yes, it costs money but at this rate I could pay to repave all the roads in Henniker with all the money I’m spending on my tires.

Moral of the story: nice gals always finish last. Oh, also, don’t even get me started on my alignment from those craters in the roads!

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