P*SSY: A CATS the Musical Purrelsque Experience Review


While burlesque was mainly popular around your grandparents’ era (or even before), burlesque has made a strong comeback in popularity as of recently. Burlesque is typically a variety show composed of dance and striptease; however, P*SSY: A CATS the Musical Purrlesque put a new definition to this age-old art form.

This performance is a themed burlesque show created by Sherman and Micheal Geary to give the audience a variety of acts such as striptease, comedy, and dance. Alongside putting a twist on the traditional burlesque show, these creators also implemented elements from the movie CATS.

The original CATS movie came out in 1998 as a direct-to-video musical film based on stage musical cats created by Andrew Lloyd Webber. However, this movie was remade in 2019 into a musical fantasy filmed built on musical based poetry from the original film. Due to the great attention that this movie remake received, as well as with the increase in popularity of burlesque shows, it was a no brainer for these creators when they decided to connect the two and produce a show performed by the Boston performing arts scene at OBERON stage in Massachusetts.

When the description of this show states “guarantees an unforgettable evening”, it was not bluffing. While I was very unsure what to expect from this performance, mainly for the fact that this would be my first burlesque show, I was still shocked at the variety of acts and elements that made up this performance.

The majority of the audience attending the show were dressed up in extravagate outfits, some CATS theme-related, with others in wigs or full drag attire. From the majority of the audience dressing up to their exaggerated cheers, there was an obvious sense of community and support among the audience and performers.

The layout of the seating for this performance was not your average concert-style; instead, the seating was more intimate with seats around tables near the main stage and on the two balconies. This provided the feeling of a more relaxed atmosphere like you were there to just have a drink and hang out with your friends.

Even though the majority of the performers used the main stage, a handful of the performers integrated their performance throughout the audience by dancing on the balconies and on the audience’s tables. This not only made the show more exciting since you were unsure where the next performer was coming from in the room, but it also helped gain the audience’s participation and attention.

To my luck, I was one of the lucky attendees that got danced on during one of the performances. I, of course, was warned by our CATS themed dressed up waitress prior to the show that this table was a hotspot for the performers. However, I was still surprised by the high amount of performances that take place in the crowds.

Since I have not attended any other burlesque/drag shows prior to this show, I am unable to compare this show’s quality or overall performance to others to be able to give an accurate review. Nevertheless, this performance definitely did open my eyes to a new and exciting form of art and entertainment that I had very little knowledge about.

Even if you had not been to a burlesque or drag show before, P*SSY: A CATS the Musical Purrlesque is an experience that will leave a lasting impact that you would not expect. However, like the title of this performance hints, this show is not for the weak of heart or prudish. Like I stated early, one must go into this experience with an open mind in order to fully be able to appreciate the experience.

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