Saige Advice: The Truth About Magic


Instagram’s popular masked sensation strikes again in his newest collection of poetry The Truth About Magic.

Atticus Poetry first made his debut on the popular social media platform (Instagram) in 2013, capturing the attention and hearts of many with his romantic free verses and aesthetically pleasing photographs. From this came about his first book Love Her Wild, after that The Dark Between Stars, and now finally The Truth About Magic. All three of which are New York Times bestsellers.

Building off of the same topics of euphoria, pain, and adventure that falling in love comes with, Atticus has yet to disappoint his large following. Broken into several parts the romantic poet takes us on a journey to discover the truth about magic through the themes of Youth, Love, Adventure, Her, Darkness, Words, and Stars. Through a collection of beautifully strung together words Atticus urges his readers to fall in love, find ourselves, and to enjoy the simplicities life has to offer.

This all being said the three time New York Times bestselling author does have his faults. The biggest of which being his lack of diversity throughout his poems and photographs. Many complaints left on his Instagram profile and throughout his Goodreads page suggest that the poet lacks variety when it comes to his musings of love and relationships. Some readers even suggesting that the poet can be very single minded and non-inclusive of those that are not heterosexual. Another complaint made among readers targeted the models that he used to photograph. Although, it is no doubt that the pictures are absolutely gorgeous, a number of readers were put off by the fact that every photo displayed was of a skinny, caucasian couple. Atticus has since taken to his Instagram page to address some of these complaints and mend or edit already existing poems in order to make them more inclusive to others, something I personally commend him for.

Despite all of this, the faceless poet continues to steal the hearts of many through his multiple social media pages and ongoing poetry collection. Overall, I give The Truth About Magic three out of five stars for its ideas, language, and aesthetic. I am excited to see what the future has in store for the author Galore Magazine has named “The World’s Most Tattoo-able Poet.”  

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