Finger Lickin’ Good!


You ever hear the phrase, “chicken so good make you wanna slap your mama?” I love fried chicken, it’s my favorite food but I never want to slap my mom over it. She actually makes it the best to me but everyone makes it differently, which may result in a different taste. Here are a couple ways to make it and what goes well with it.

If you want halfway cooked chicken, go to your local fast food restaurants with their chicken tenders and nuggets. I’m going to give you some steps on how to make it like mama. First, you have to clean the chicken really good with lemon juice. Then you have to season the chicken. We use black pepper, salt, onions, bell pepper, thyme, and paprika. Marinate the chicken with those seasonings and let it sit in the fridge until you’re ready to cook it. When you’re ready, put on a low fire and get some oil in the pot. Once the oil has warmed, you must put a piece of garlic in the pot. Mix bread crumbs with flour then shake the chicken in it. Lastly put it in the oil and let it fry! That’s how we do it over at my house, try it you might like it.

There’s also the more famous way. Southern style fried chicken is another way to go. They beat eggs and put in some seasonings, and then put the chicken in the eggs. After that take the chicken out and put it in the breadcrumbs with flour. You still have to clean the chicken, and fry it in oil. Those steps usually remain the same throughout every process.

Oh man, I forgot about sides! If you go to a restaurant the side you’d get with fried chicken is usually french fries. But that’s so basic. Let’s talk about mashed potatoes, that’s my go to with fried chicken. But there’s also rice and peas, white rice, or even mac and cheese. The list goes on, but make sure you try biscuits with your chicken someday!

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