Some Advice While Under Quarantine


COVID-19 has struck the world with immense fury over the last few weeks and has become a great burden to everyone. I’m here today to give you some friendly advice on dealing with some of the struggles and anxieties the pandemic is inflicting on all of us.

  1. Stay Connected 

The virus has refused to give up in both America and the world, therefore the coming weeks might be looking worse rather than better. I am aware of the social distancing trend but that doesn’t mean we have to keep ourselves distant in spirit. Reach out to all of your friends whenever you get the chance, be kind to the people you do get a chance to interact with, try to make someone laugh and just be generally positive. Even if you are surrounded by those who refuse to be.

  1. Stay Healthy 

I’m not saying to go on some crazy diet or change your diet in any way but there are some things you should add to strengthen your immune system. Vitamins A and C are both very beneficial to your immune health and have kept me rolling through flu season. These can be found by the pill form at various markets and pharmacies. If you’d like to go for the more natural approach, oranges and other citrus fruits are the best sources of Vitamin C and carrots are the best for Vitamin A.

  1. Make Zoom Fun 

I realize how impossible this sounds. Most of the time in the morning a Zoom class is probably the last thing I’d like to be doing while at home with all of this “free” time. So I thought after a couple of my classes today, “what if I just started being ridiculous?” So my goal from now on is to make my classmates laugh in some sort of way in order to lift spirits. That is if I can wake up on time in the morning . . . but afternoon classes will be funny. If you have any sort of feel for a chat room you should try it there too. Just know when or when not to be funny, or what is or what isn’t funny (@the people exposing themselves at other schools).

Yes, that has really happened. If you don’t believe me check out the Plymouth State Barstool page, the only page I know for sure of if you dare.

  1. Enough With the Memes and Conspiracy Theories 

I still can’t really fathom how so many people from my generation are still not taking this seriously. I realize most people under the age of risk have nothing to worry about but this isn’t the time to be turning it into a joke. Also, those of you that keep making memes about the situation just need to stop, because in a short amount of time a lot more people are going to be severely affected by this, so let’s just cut the bullshit before it becomes fuel to a fire of additional issues society doesn’t need right now.

And, the conspiracy theories . . . I realize most of you in urban areas are trapped inside and do not have much besides technology to go to, but disconnect from the hypothetical and confront reality or probability. This is America, we are entitled to our own opinions on issues as part of basic liberties. But don’t allow them to completely negate your thoughts and outlook on life. Also, we can still go outside guys and you honestly should. If you live in a rural area or are still stuck here in Henniker for the time being, go outside and enjoy nature because this is the best time of year to be doing so, and that way people don’t need to be taken over by Cabin Fever or a new acronym I came up with called PIS. Which stands for Panic Induced Stupidity. So get off the internet and go smell the roses, thereby stopping the spread of PIS along with COVID-19.

  1. Stop Watching Outbreak on Netflix

People, seriously, this movie has been in Netflix’s top 10 movies for the last couple of weeks and I saved this for number 5 because that’s where it’s placed on Netflix as of today, March 25th. This movie scared the living shit out of me back when I was forced to watch it in the seventh grade; call me soft, but I’m certain the slightest amount of Nosophobia (fear of getting sick) I have originated from the first time I watched that movie. COVID-19 is not nearly as bad as the disease in that movie and like those of you still making memes and jokes, Netflix is only hyping it up for attention and inducing more panic.

  1. Lastly, Stay Positive but do not Neglect the Negative

At the end of the day we’re all human. This is the time when we should all be coming together and staying positive for one another. Because like I said earlier, so many people are going to be affected by the time this virus finally passes. For those of us who are not, we should be there for all of those who are impacted by the virus. I am not saying this to create more fear, but we cannot neglect the fact this event could very well change the world as we know it. Being unprepared for a big change could send you into an endless grieving process. Which is also why it’s beyond important that we all stand together. In spirit, I mean; stay in your house. Please.



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