Many Men Mentality


Many Men is a song created by artist “Curtis James Jackson III” also known by his rapper name “50 Cent” on his album “Get Rich or Die Trying” that was released in 2003. On the track it deals with 50 Cent’s near death experience when he was shot 9 times. Throughout the song he takes matters into his own hands, by any means necessary, solving his own problems without the guidance of God. All he can do is ask God to have mercy on his soul, foreshadowing (symbolically or literally) the fight against the men who wish death upon him.

50 Cent’s Many Men inspired rappers including “Pop Smoke,” “21 Savage,”  and “Polo G” to create similar songs. Within the variations and remixes of Many Men, the rappers express how low class, violence, loss, and the hope to see a better future has shaped them. Yet, it also talks about other challenges, obstacles, and pain in their way as they live to survive. Throughout the many times attempts have been made on these rappers’ lives, the only thing they could ask from God was to have mercy on them or the person that is trying to kill them.

Many Men is not only about having mercy on yourself, but also those who come into your world, who you will never really know, who are capable of doing something terrible.

“The evil man envies the good in others, What this means is all hatred is really born from hatred of self and can only serve to aid in one’s own destruction. This is the downfall of many men.”“Morgan Freeman” on 21 Savage’s “Many Men” track.


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