Joey Badass: The Light Review


Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, best known by his stage name “Joey Badass,” is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, record producer, and actor. A native of Brooklyn, New York, he is a founding member of the Hip-Hop collective “Pro Era” along with his childhood friend “Capital Steez,” with whom he has released three mixtapes, and has released numerous solo projects.

Cover of Joey Badass “The Light Pack” album photo

Joey Badass released “The Light Pack” album on July 17th 2020, one of his tracks titled “The Light” introduces listeners to his musical return after a three year hiatus from solo releases. Joey uses themes of light and darkness to elaborate his experiences since his last release in April 2017. In his music video for The Light he explains how he partook in a traditional voodoo ceremony in search of rebirth. His purpose is to inspire black people to realize their power and take it back; the visuals for the music video are amazing. Joey shows how he’s found enlightenment during his hiatus and now he’s back and ready to show everyone the power of knowledge he has inside himself.

Image of Joey Badass in “The Light” music video

The sampling of “I Against I” by “Jedi Mind Tricks” as his instrumental to The Light is beautiful; it’s a true classic Joey Badass has came up with, and the underground rapper has came a long way from freestyling on Youtube videos. This track alone proves Joey is definitely an artist to listen to. He is a timeless artist who inspires all to put love into what they love, like he does, receiving results from putting in hard work.

Joey Badass is a true lyricist who has solidified his position in hip hop, becoming one of the most notable figures in the industry. We have seen Joey Badass grow into a successful man, giving his all and showing us the way. Joey is evolving along with his music, and passing the torch by giving help and advice to the next generation of hip hop artists.

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