As Final Week Emerges…


New England College’s Fall 2020 semester is coming to an end and finals approach. For most, finals come with stress and anxiety. With students still adjusting to Covid-19 protocol, many have to pull it together and finalize their work for this draining week. No matter what year you’re in, everyone can agree that finals week seems to come out of nowhere and preparing goes hand-in-hand with time management.

“It takes commitment to stick to time management,” junior Chris Maratea explains. “It’s not cutting down to the last wire, causing stress leading to less efficient and quality work.”

Learning to manage time wisely allows students to take control and not fall behind at the end of the semester. But during a time where almost all classes are taking place remotely, it is easy to forget about work. 

Sophomore Sarah Ferguson agrees that time management is not only important during finals but also throughout the semester. “Procrastinating is the last thing you want to do especially when it comes to finals,” she shares.

Taylor Maher, another sophomore at NEC, shares her key to time management. Taylor says it starts with organization, “Keeping class work organized in one specific area can promote a more productive work system.” Taylor’s theory can help students across the board stay on top of homework throughout the semester.

Preparing for the last week of the semester can take a mental toll. Hours of constant studying and long nights can affect final grades. “It messes with my sleep schedule the most,” Sarah said, “I stay up as late as I can studying. I want to be as prepared as I can.”

The thought of failure can play games with students’ minds. But Chris has a different outlook on finals, “Finals should be looked at as positive. Yes, it is stressful and taxing but if nothing else it should be a sign of relief. The end.” 

“Now that we are remote, I find that re-watching recorded classes helps with the studying process,” Sarah said. “I like to review PowerPoints that are provided by my professors,” Taylor adds. Other methods of studying are taking notes, making flash cards or working with other students in the classroom. 

It isn’t a bad thing to take breaks while studying. Ingoring yourself for hours on end can be strenuous. All three of these students happen to be athletes and agreed that when the work becomes too much, doing a workout and going to the gym is a great way to blow off some steam. Staying active takes care of the mental frustration and helps you focus more on the physical aspects of the body.

“Working out or even taking walks helps clear my mind and prepares me to return to studying,” Chris said. 

Other than burning calories and anxiety from working out, there are many other ways to take productive breaks from studying. People often take time to hangout with friends. This allows positive energy to return to a person and get some relief. Having a healthy snack is also a great way to replenish. Snacks refuel and could give someone the energy to keep being productive. 

From the students, here are some words of advice: 

“Set aside time for studying and focus on harder content that is harder for you to understand,” said Sarah.

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew and stay organized,” explained Taylor.

“Put the phone down. Don’t be too comfortable. Those are the killers of time management,” Chris emphasizes.

These students make good points that everyone should listen to. It is easy to be distracted by the little things; stay focused on what is important. 

End the 2020 fall semester on a strong note. Consider the views from fellow students and learn from their advice. Given the times today, it is more important than ever to stay focused and engaged throughout the semester. 

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