Construction on Campus: Its Effects and Its Eventual End


Since before classes for the Fall 2021 semester started, construction has been going strong on the intersection of Depot Hill Rd. and Circle St. The sidewalk along where the Science Building sits is being reconstructed, and while it has been a long time coming, it has predictably halted transportation.

The repaving of the roads has resulted in inconveniences for the students, one of which being a student losing their crocs to the not-yet-dried asphalt. In general, the streets on weekdays have become a bit cluttered and it’s become more difficult for cars to pass through safely and quickly.

“I’ve walked through there to get to Lyons, and it needs to be better directed,” said NEC student Brayden Esposito. “Sometimes I’ll be walking and the machines will be there and everyone has to move to the other side of the street at the same time… it can be really annoying.”

The last bit of construction on that sidewalk has halted for a while, as the last bit of repaving took place on the 25th. There is currently no word if it will start back up again anytime soon, but for the time being, other construction continues on Circle Street and Depot Hill Rd. is blocked off by cones. Things are not back to normal or fully renovated just yet, but student traffic has improved quite a bit.

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Sam is an NEC student, writer, and musician from Nashua, NH. He is studying Creative Writing.
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