Buckle Up, High Gas Prices Are Here To Stay.

Junior at New England College Jordan Morrison fills up the gas tank on her Ford F-350 in Henniker New Hampshire. Before she heads of on a busy week of school and work.

Even though the pandemic looks to be ending, the effects will last a lot longer. Gas prices, for example, have taken a large hit. As of November 11, 2021, the national average for gas was $3.417, according to AAA. The national average is one dollar more than the average last year. New Hampshire’s current average for gas is $3.366 on November 11, 2021. On top of this, the price for a barrel of oil is over $80.00.

“Historically, we as a society tend to place blame on political choices for things that are happening in the economy, and so yes, there have been choices that have been made in the political sphere that are impacting long-term gas prices,” said Professor of Political Science at New England College Kyrie Kowalik.

Due to the pandemic, politicians are off the hook. Kowalik agrees that “what we’re seeing is that because of demand decrease during the pandemic.” The more the pandemic unfurls, the more the demand for gas will go up. Kowalik explained that it’s “not one specific person” who controls gas prices. “It’s a whole slew of things that contribute to supply and demand… it’s a lot more economical than political.”

Jordan Morrison, a junior commuter at New England College, drives a Ford F-350. She noticed the price hike a few weeks ago.

“I think they’re super high, the highest I’ve seen them in a while,” said Morrison.

So buckle up, New Hampshire, because gas prices will be staying the same for a while longer.

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Lily Geber is a Senior at NEC with a double major in Political Science and Communication. She serves as Editor in Chief of the New Englander.
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