Henniker Police Investigating Car Break-Ins


Do you park your car in the lot across from Abby’s Café? Recently, there has been talk about car break-ins. Many people who park their cars in this lot have fallen victim to missing change and even items of value, such as wallets and personal identification.

Junior Nathalie Antigua recently filed a report with the Henniker Police Department after her car was targeted.

“I have a lot of trust in the Henniker community so this just felt like an invasion of privacy and will be a life-long reminder to lock my car,” Antigua said.

Henniker Police Lieutenant Michelle Dandeneau said with confidence that this is nothing new in the town of Henniker.

“People should be locking their cars and removing valuable items from the vehicle,” Dandeneau said.

The penalty for a Class B Misdemeanor is a fine of up to five hundred dollars but can be more, dependent upon the value of the stolen items.

Dandeneau said they do have a possible suspect, but there is no proof. Henniker Police Department will continue to patrol and keep their eyes peeled for anything suspicious.

Remember, if you see something or are a victim of these crimes, report it!

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