New Student Manager Needed at Tortington Arms Pub


The Tortington Arms Pub is looking for new management. Sophie Proctor, a graduating senior, is currently running the pub events. Proctor is looking to find a student who can handle event planning, has a flexible schedule, and has the ability to suffice many different needs. The individual would work directly with Racheal French, the director of student engagement.

“I would like someone who is an independent thinker, provides creativity and is responsible. Taking this position will keep the pub tradition alive for the community. I would love to see more faculty and staff attending events in the pub,” French said.

“The pub is a place where students host events for other students. In order for the pub to continue to be a place where students can responsibly drink in a safe environment, then a student must step up and continue its legacy,” Proctor said.

All students on campus are eligible to enjoy time at the pub. Being able to enjoy our small community on campus is one of the advertised offerings of New England College. If someone is out there looking for a new opportunity, contact Sophie Proctor.

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