NEC Men’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach shares appreciation for DIII Week


The Student Athletic Advisory Committee celebrated NEC’s Division III athletes with a week of activities from April 10 – 16.

Patrick Storie joined the NEC men’s lacrosse team as a freshman in 2018 and was hired after graduation as the Graduate Assistant Coach. 

“Division III week is a time to celebrate all of the hard work that these athletes have put in not only on the field but also in the classroom,” Storie said.

Storie said as a player, he felt the activities during “DIII Week” was a bonding experience.

“I think it made us closer, and it’s just fun cause those are your friends, and those are probably the people that you hang out with the most,” Storie said. 

As a coach, Storie now gets to see his players connect.

“It’s nice to see them also getting together,” he said.

Storie laughed when asked about his favorite moment during DIII week.

“The dance-off in the gymnasium, each team had a song, and they choreographed a dance,” Storie said. 

Even though he doesn’t remember the song, he said he will always remember the moments with his teammates. Now, his favorite part of the week is hearing feedback from players.

“Hearing about what event happened that night or that day, either at practice or someone coming up into the office to talk about it, I think that’s my favorite part now.” 

Storie said he hopes his players will appreciate this time in their lives.

“Cherish every moment you have. Being an athlete, it goes by quick, and you don’t really know it’s over until it’s over. Just embrace yourself in those moments and cherish everyone you have,” he said.

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Lily Geber is a Senior at NEC with a double major in Political Science and Communication. She serves as Editor in Chief of the New Englander.