Students across the country to attend NEC’s College Convention January 7-9


Every four years, New England College hosts College Convention, an event that highlights the tradition of the New Hampshire primary.

All the presidential candidates are invited to this event, there is a lot of media coverage, and students and faculty travel from all around the country to take part.  

From Jan. 7-9, at the Double Tree hotel in Manchester, there will be a full agenda of educational sessions, networking events, and a lot of opportunities to hear candidates speak. 

Click here to learn more about College Convention 2024.

“It’s not just fun events, there’s also learning going on and work going on because when there’s not a speaker there are breakout sessions where students can learn,” Dr. Shrader explained, a professor at NEC, and a planner for College Convention. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn things like how political advertising is put together, how political parties are organized, how campaigns are managed and run, and there will be resume workshops for students who want to get into politics and journalism.  

“We want students who go here to realize how lucky they are that this so rare to get exposure to all these candidates, campaigns, and issues. It doesn’t happen in 48 other states,” Shrader added. 

N.H. is the first primary country and is it crucial for any serious presidential candidate, Shrader said. 

NEC students can attend for free and are provided housing at the hotel, meals, and will earn one academic credit. Anyone with questions can email Dr. Shrader at

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