NEC’s Snow Day


Living in New England can be pretty great, especially when you start to see the seasons change as the leaves begin to turn from green to golden brown and then float to the ground as winter comes around.

On February 7th, New England College declared a half day at 1 PM, and called a full snow day again on February 9th — students were happy to wake up to texts and e-mails around 6 AM, saying there would be no classes.  Unfortunately, most professors and student commuters are already awake and ready to make their commute to campus.

It’s nice to be able to crawl back into bed, unless you’re wide awake, showered with your teeth brushed, about to head out into what most refer to as a “winter wonderland,” only to check your phone at the last minute, and see that school is cancelled.  It’s even more frustrating for Chartwells’ staff, who arrive on campus before the college declares a snow day – there’s no longer breakfast to be served, a wasted commute for most Chartwells’ staff who now have to wait around until it’s time to prep lunch, or go home only to drive back to work.

New England College should start to call snow days before the snow begins to fall, especially when snow storms are anticipated. Understandably, they don’t want to waste a day where the college could have been open, but there’s frustration building around campus and it’s beginning to spread to students who have personal relationships with faculty & staff who should also get to sleep in, as their hard work goes unseen and unappreciated so many times.

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