Conspiracy Theories in Fantasy Basketball


The fantasy basketball league has been split into three parts—the good, the bad, and the mediocre. People inside the association believe it’s being clipped by a series of conspiracy theories that range from inside alliances in the league, to the manager receiving major backlash.

Trade deadline for fantasy basketball was on February 22nd at noon. But even before that, there were many moves that were trying to be made throughout the season. The key word is “trying.”

In fantasy basketball, trades can go through between two players but other teams can veto (to deny the trade) it or uphold it (to let the trade go through). I’ve been told by other players to uphold or veto trades for them, but if there is only going to be one winner, why ask for favors? Fantasy does require a certain number of votes to accept or decline a trade, but it’s every man for themselves.

I can admit that I have vetoed a couple of trades before but those were for my own sake. For example, there was week five where I was tied for the final playoff spot and my next opponent was going to make a major trade that was heavily in his favor. A player personally messaged me about it, but it was for my benefit and no ones else’s, it was just… alerted to me. Thanks Sam.

David Rufus, from Buffalo State, who is the league manager, is the ultimate decision maker that decides which trades go through. The application for the league shows when David takes matters into his own hands and vetoes trades that can be altered by people asking for them. He shows his expression when asked if its worth being manger with all the backlash.

”It has good times and bad times…a lot of stressful times when it comes to making executive decisions that seem to just make all parties concerned.”

We have a Facebook group chat that has all the player members in it, and there have been comments of players believing others are teaming up to uphold trades just to benefit one of their buddies. Those players called it the “alliance.” There have been players leaving the chat over and over again because they were sick and tired of the buffoonery in the chat.

David also believes there is a type of conspiracy in this league.

“I believe there are some bias and favoritism within the league. However, every individual has their own self interest in mind, but at the end of the day, only one person can win, not a group.”

The trade deadline date came with four trades that were vetoed, but also with eight completed ones. League fantasy only comes down to one winner, no runner up trophies, just bragging rights. Players should veto or uphold if it goes in their favor, not for others because that just brings out the fun of the game. The league is only a few weeks away from the playoffs, and it will be interesting to see how each team stacks up now with their players locked into their teams.


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