Presidential Speaker Series- NEC Women Alumni


On Thursday April 6th, President Michelle Perkins hosted the President’s Speaker Series. The guests included successful women alumnae of New England College: Debbie Spring Reed ’60, Astrid Williams ’81, Dyan Goodwin ’82, Kim Costello Lesko ’85, and Ariane Trimuschat ’88. Lesko has had a booming career in the culinary industry. Her personal stories of how the people in her industry are willing to help and share with each other reminded me of the community environment that can be found here at NEC. Trimushcat, who is an accomplished marketer and director for the San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show, originally chose to attend NEC because of the access to the campus in England.

“It really opened my eyes to so much… a new world view at a young age,” said Trimuschat.

Reed, who was an accomplished advertising executive and the first female alumnae to be a Chairperson of the New England College’s Board of Trustees, was pointed towards NEC when a teacher helped her through admissions.

“New England College gave me the support… the faculty and staff were an extended family who always looked out for me,” said Reed.

Goodwin, who has a flourishing career in financial services, and Williams, who has extensively worked with community organizations as well as serves on the Board of Trustees of New England College, both sparked an interest in NEC with relation to the equestrian team. This reminded me of my own reasoning to choose NEC which was to be a part of the basketball program. It was interesting to learn how athletics has been a draw to NEC for years.

Listening to these accomplished women speak about the troubles they faced along their climb to the top, and the positive and negative lessons they gained along the way, ignited my own sense of determination. Being a female student at NEC, it inspired me to continue to work hard towards my goal of being successful in my future career, to one day be a part of the panel of successful NEC women alumnae.