President Trump’s 1st Year in Review


Many of you may or may not know that our President Donald Trump just completed his first full year in the Oval Office. One of Trump’s most adamant stances this past year has been in foreign policy.

Trump doesn’t like immigrants, plain and simple. He accuses them of taking our jobs, increasing our crime rate, and overall providing no real benefits to our everyday lives and communities. These half-hearted thoughts and ill-advised claims by President Trump are without question well known to everyone in our country, however they beg the question; are they true? Is there any substance behind the words that come out of his mouth, do they reflect truth or deceit?

These are questions we as citizens should be asking whenever someone is in a position of power. Immigrants are without a doubt the backbone of our country; they are hard working individuals who work blue-collar jobs that many Americans think they are above doing or don’t want to do.

Trump’s ideals and view on terrorism are misguided and untrue. His fear and the war on terror have misguided him towards such a close-minded viewpoint that he is splitting and dividing not only our people and nation, but also our world as a global community. His actions can quite easily be described as barbaric, inhumane, and flat out horrific, yet according to him and his entourage he is doing these things in the best interest of our country and our people.

Trump’s take on immigration is a key factor in his low approval rating thus far. By statistics and documentation he is considered the most unpopular in the modern era, and it’s by a long shot. There is no question Trump’s presidency comes with a lot of controversy. I mean, the guy was a television star and an extremely abrupt yet successful business man. How could he be prepared to lead arguably the most powerful nation on the face of the planet?

Trump has signed off on more than 107 bills since he has been in office. According to BBC News, the economy is on the rise and costs have lowered for fossil fuels while usage has spiked. Also, there have been lots of progress in lowering the unemployment rate, but these small steps of improvement come with what costs?

Our African American community has never been so distant from the rest of our country, and rightfully so, due to unacceptable police behavior on dozens of accounts. Our “illegal aliens” have been shunned and treated like animals and our people seem more divided than ever.

Trump’s first year is in the books, and he has at least three more to go, so it begs the questions, is America Great Again?


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Sina Samali is a senior at New England College pursuing a degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology. He was the Captain of the New England College Men's Soccer Team. He will be writing about International affairs and News going on in the U.S. and Abroad.
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