Sailor J, Sailing Fast


In honor of Black History Month I would like to call attention to one content creator specifically: Sailor J.

Sailor J is an African American beauty blogger, personal life vlogger, writer and all around comedian.

Like many, I first encountered Sailor J on Tumblr and Twitter, when her video on contouring went viral. It featured iconic lines such as “what a disguise this is” and “contouring is for women who want to leach the soul of their dead lovers.”

I’m not even particularly interested in makeup, but what cemented her in my subscription bar was her sponsored tutorial video where she says “I have no clue what I’m doing, so we’re gonna learn together.”

Underneath the humor is scathing social commentary that points out the major and burdening flaws of our society, from how we treat women to how we view makeup.

“Perhaps, in a better world, women wouldn’t have to feel like they have to contour.” In a better world, perhaps we wouldn’t have to fear society’s beauty standards, sexual standards, and safety standards.

It’s refreshing as a young black writer on the internet to see someone my age achieving their dreams and dealing with the realities of living life in this version of America. At the time of composing this, Sailor J has uploaded her “T and P” makeup tutorial, subtly and gently explaining why thoughts and prayers don’t actually stop bad things from happening; commentary on the recent and beyond the realms of tragic shooting in Florida.

Support black creators. The scape of the YouTube Creator Platform is changing, and as it does, more and more diversity is introduced to its video pool. The recent YouTube rewind, which typically boasts a diverse set of Youtubers and videos, was distinctly lacking in those of the “minority” set.

Let’s change that.

You can find Sailor J’s Channel here.

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Ikiah Mosely is a Junior, majoring in Creative Writing.
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