Women of Color: Embrace Your Beauty Event


Last Year, D’nysha Cook, President of Amazing Minority Girls Unite (AMGU), created an annual event at NEC called “Women of Color: Embrace Your Beauty.” This started out as her own event, and she then created an organization based around it, AMGU.

On February 23rd, Cook hosted the second event with the intentions of making it bigger and better than last year.

“This year was filled with more anxiousness than last year. Since this is our second annual event, it had to be better and bigger than before. What was also different was that I had more members to help me, which was a great feeling,” said Cook.

This year’s event was full of dancing, testimonies, pictures and much more. The dance team, The Rising Stars, performed twice during the event and in between representatives from the college and students gave their testimonies on things they have experienced on what it’s like being a woman of color in today’s society.

Cook decided to produce another short documentary to be shown at the event. Each year she wants to have a different focus for each documentary and this year’s inspiration was the representation of women of color.

Cook states, “Behind this year’s documentary, I wanted to focus on the representation and acknowledgment of women of color, especially here on the NEC campus. I wanted to hear from female students of color how they felt about these topics.”

Cook also expressed that having this annual event brought to NEC each year helps women of color find their safe haven on campus.

“I feel it’s very important to have this event because it serves as a safe place for women of color here. It’s a place to be yourself and express your magic in any shape or form you want, without being judged,” said Cook.

Since creating AMGU and bringing this annual event to campus for the past two years, she has seen progress with her organization.

“The progress has been a little challenging but, I am happy with the progress we have made. We have loyal members and we’ve put on a few great events,” said Cook.

If you missed this year’s event be sure to join AMGU every other Thursday at 7pm to see what they will bring to campus next.






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