Call of Duty Video Game Review 


Call of Duty World War II is a first person shooter game taking place in Europe in a war zone where the player works around historical events from the past. The recently released game follows the 1st Infantry Division, one of the oldest serving units in the United States Army, during their battles on the Western Front in Norway, Belgium or England. Call of Duty World War II is also the fourteenth installment in the ongoing Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty features new mechanic movements including unlimited sprinting, sliding and leaping to duck for cover. The new characters supply the players with extra ammunition, grenades, and health. The new multiplayer mode has map locations rather than the original campaign mode. There’s also a new interactive system called the “social hub” that let’s players communicate with one another on the live platform.

In the campaign mode there’s no unlimited health, so now players have to search and seek out packs of health scattered on the map and it’s no different than any other levels within the game. There’s also an option where if a squad acquires a medic, you would be able to use your medic from your squad to give you extra health. Others players on your squad can provide more ammunition, grenades, sent out strike forces, and can target other opponents by spotting their position with an avatar symbol above their character’s head. Players are permitted to use vehicles in certain areas of the campaign mode. You’re also able to drag your teammates for cover while playing. Also introduced to World War II are Nazi Zombies with an all new game play mode.

Call of Duty now has a cooperative mode which means “versus” or “death match” which features the Nazi zombies. It is a new mode that is way different than the campaign mode, it is set on a whole different alternate universe where Nazi zombies are taking over. Gives it a unique spin off after the events of World War II which culminates to bringing back the undead soldiers. The Nazi zombie’s mode includes the returning survival formula, there’s also a new class system set up for players in which they could option for one of the four combat styles which are offense, control, medic or support. The new mode also includes a hint system which allows players to seek hints throughout different sectors of the main story mode it allows you to find items such as weapons.

Also for the multiplayer mode, online players are only assigned to two different groups which is either the axis or allies. Then you can play as a soldier from a different country rather it be from America, Soviet, British, or French Resistance bases. From previous Call of Duty games, the create a class system is not back in World War II. Now players have access to use the divisions system a player can select of out the five divisions but each one has different combat training which would acquire division training and weapon skills. There are about eight different divisions which are infantry, airborne, armored, mountain, expeditionary, resistance, cavalry and commando. The game also features the headquarters mode which is a social section of the game, about 48 players can play and can participate in different activities for instance watch other players loot new creates, and can shoot in the shooting range.

Call of Duty is a game where you can explore an in depth look at past history from World War II. You can actually learn a little history because some of the back ground in the game is realistic. It is an intense competitive game that acquires expertise and a lot of shooting. The game includes violence with explicit content and is rated M for Mature Audiences, exclusively for the adult demographic. I recommend this game to others that desire military shooting games and that love competition, most of all shooting zombies. The game is fun and does have an awesome multiplayer and single player mode that players can have fun with online. It has a much darker approach and requires a ton of concentration but if you’re up for the challenge, World War II will provide. The game is addicting but it is one of the most anticipated games in the franchise. Call of Duty: World War II is available now on the PlayStation 4, X-Box 1, and PC.


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