Pups and Positivity


Everyone loves dogs! They’re our best friends, through thick and thin, and right now, it feels very thin in the United States. With the end to quarantine a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, now more than ever, it is important to focus on the little things that bring you joy. For dogs, it’s all small things, and it’s all joy, so I thought I could share some of their activities.

Start taking notes!

Fern and Fraser Welch:

Fern (brindle dog) and Fraser (black dog) ready for their walk with their Mom and Dad. Images via Amanda Welch.
Post-hike naps are the best.

Fern and Fraser, a mother and son duo, have been enjoying all the time their parents have been spending at home! In celebration, they have both stopped eating shoes and chewing wood, which is very kind of them.

They get walks twice a day and have been exploring all the hiking spots in Connecticut! After a day of hard work (including dog yoga, or ‘Doga,’ running around in the backyard, and learning new tricks) they get to relax on the couch with their Mom and Dad and catch up on their TV shows.

Nothing beats having their humans home all day, every day!

Stella Evans:

Stella, ready to get out of the house. Images via Kim Evans.
Definitely looks like she just woke up from a catnap.

Stella is a Boston Terrier who has been thoroughly enjoying her time at home! She celebrated her 9th birthday in quarantine, but that didn’t put a damper on her party.

When the weather is nice, she takes walks around the neighborhood, but when it isn’t, she enjoys snuggling in her blanket on the couch with her family and watching movies. Her favorite part of staying home is that both her sisters and her mom are with her, which gives them a lot of time to give her all their attention.

Sometimes all you need is a good nap and a belly rub.

Bentley Fazio-Coidakis:

Bentley, discovering the Contoocook River! Image via Marissa Coidakis.

Bentley is a mini Golden that has been adjusting very well to his new home! With his Mom working remotely, he’s gotten a lot of time to bond with her by snuggling on the couch while she types away, which is exactly how he likes it.

But because he’s only 4 months old, he really enjoys the long walks his Mom and Dad have been taking him on so he can discover Henniker. His favorite toy is his chewy because he’s still teething! But that hasn’t ruined his quality time with his parents, he’s still happy to run around and learn new tricks.


But dogs aren’t the only ones that know how to enjoy their time at home, lots of cats, reptiles and even fish are enjoying their quarantine. Here are Our Non-Dog Furry/Scaly Friends!

Ellie Close:

Ellie looking out at the birds. Images via Megan Close.
Although it doesn’t look like it, she’s enjoying her walk, she just hates her harness.

Ellie has been spending her time with her parents now that they’re home! When she’s not sleeping, you can find her cuddling with her Mom and Dad on the couch or hiding in drawers and under tables.

While she loves having her humans home, her midday naps have been rudely interrupted, which she is not very happy about. Otherwise, getting to explore her apartment complex and watch the birds outside her window is all she could possibly want.

Comet and Cupid Cagan:

Comet and Cupid are like yin and yang. Images via Arianna Cagan.
The window is the perfect vantage point for them.

Comet and Cupid, a brother and sister pair, have been enjoying their Mom’s new sleep schedule and staying up to all hours of the night. Comet has been starring in many TikToks and his Mom has been trying to coax Cupid into participating. When he’s not making TikToks, Comet has been getting into a lot of trouble chewing on furniture.

When their Mom is cooking her dinner in the kitchen, they have been known to steal little nibbles of her food. Because the weather has been nice the windows have been open, so they have been meowing at birds and laying in the sun.

They’re getting lots of catnip and cuddles during this trying time.

Phil and Ned Foley-Close:

Ned, doing his 100th lap. Images via Ryder Close.
Phil, taking a break from cleaning the glass.

Phil and Ned are two fish that have been conducting business-as-usual during this quarantine. Although they have moved into a new apartment, they don’t seem to have noticed.

Phil, a 1-year-old Pleco, likes spending his daytime hiding inside the tank decorations his parents bought for him, and making sure the glass is sparkling clean. During the nighttime, he comes to life and likes to mess with the rocks in his home.

Ned is a 1-year-old Koi, and spends his time swimming into corners and staring at himself in the glass. When it’s dinnertime, he swims around very quickly and tries to hog all the food before his brother can get any.

Ulti Labeck 

Ulti, getting lots of work done. Images via Steph Labeck.
Probably angry about her eyedrops.

Ulti Labeck, a Leopard Gecko, who has recently been recovering from an eye infection, has been helping her Mom do documentation for work. They’ve also both been working together to build a PC, since her Mom is a recent graduate of Plymouth State University.

Her eye infection has to be treated with eyedrops, which is definitely not her favorite method. She fights with her Mom by running away and hiding when she sees the bottle. Once her Mom is finally able to get a hold of her, she sits and screams in protest.

The medication is helping, but Ulti hates every second of it.


With all the terrible news in the world, it’s easy to fall into a dark place, but it’s important that we all remember that this will pass. All it takes is pups and some positivity.

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Madison Foley is from Brockton Massachusetts, attending New England College for Creative Writing and Communications. She likes writing, reading, and dogs.
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