First Student Senate Meeting Held on Manchester Campus


The first ever New England College student senate meeting on the Manchester, New Hampshire, Campus was held September 8, 2021.

The President of NEC, Michelle Perkins, and the Provost, Wayne Lesperance, were in attendance for this meeting – an uncommon sighting at a student senate meeting.

The session started with the two school officials making their own remarks, and it was followed by a question-and-answer session, where students were free to ask about anything they would like.

NEC President, Michelle Perkins, gives opening remarks during a student senate meeting Sep. 8, 2021, on the Manchester, N.H., Campus. This student meeting was the first meeting on the Manchester Campus since NEC acquired the campus. (Photo by Alex Elliot)

Several Manchester students expressed concern that Henniker students get more benefits and representation than them.

“Since the beginning, we have been asking for results,” said Alice Bobroff, a graphic design major on the Manchester Campus. “I feel like the Manchester students have been shrugged off.”

NEC acquired the Manchester Campus from the New Hampshire Institute of Art back in 2019.

“The administration is very serious and responsive about hearing student’s concerns,” Perkins said. “I welcome input, even if someone disagrees with me because, then, we can do something about it.”

Bobroff said she hopes, with having the first senate meeting in Manchester, the school will be more inclusive.

Bobroff also said she believes this can be a turning point.

“I feel hopeful that there are more people who are willing to get involved, now,” she said.

Student voices are already being heard, and changes are being made. One concern that was brought up during the meeting was a lack of transportation to art stores, since the Manchester Campus is an art campus. Within a week of the meeting, the school shuttle now takes students to Michael’s and Hunt’s Photo & Video.

“I look forward to having more opportunities to interact with these students,” Perkins said. “We want the community, even though there’s two campuses, to be united.”

Student senate meetings are held every other week on Wednesday, and going forward, every other meeting will be held in Manchester.

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