Parking On Campus Over Winter Break


For students who are planning to keep their cars on campus over the Winter break, the Department of Campus Safety has recently issued a statement regarding the necessary steps to do so. In order to park cars in New England College lots over the winter, students will need to fill out a break parking waiver form, which can be done at the Campus Safety building, located at 58 Union street in Henniker.

This is an important measure to take for students staying on campus, as cars that are not filed under this break parking waiver will be towed when it becomes necessary. The snow removal process will lead to the transportation of vehicles that do not follow the guidelines for parking over break. When you go to fill out your parking waiver form at the Department of Campus Safety, they will outline where you will and will not be able to park during the season. 

These simple steps will confirm that students who will have cars on campus for the winter will not be moved or towed. So, if this information retains to you, please make sure to visit the Campus Safety office to fill out your waiver. If there are any other remaining questions, you can contact the Department of Campus Safety for further details and assistance.

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