Silver Bells Ring Early


Oh, why can’t everyday be like Christmas? Christmas lovers like myself tend to ask this question every year around this time. The environment around the country tends to quickly change. Before you can even take your Halloween costume off (Or let’s be honest before you even put it on), stores are already covered from head to toe in Christmas decorations. Of course with decorations, comes the music. However, for many years now, the debate among people has been when is it acceptable to start celebrating Christmas?  

We took a poll on the New Englander instagram page, and the results were divided to say the least. Students were asked if it was too early to begin listening to Christmas Music. Posted on November 10th. The results: 50% of students at NEC thought that it was too early, and 50% thought it wasn’t. This seemingly is the case for this debate, as no one can ever agree on when it is appropriate to start celebrating the happiest time of the year. 

Thanks to consumerism, most stores begin playing Christmas music and decorating for the holidays in October, just before Halloween. The forefront of the argument. If you take a look at other places in the world, most begin celebrating Christmas in November, considering Thanksgiving is strictly only celebrated in the U.S. 


The truth of the matter is, you can ever really say for sure when the appropriate time is to start celebrating Christmas. Whether you like to wait until after Thanksgiving, or right after Halloween, there’s no real wrong time to. When you want to celebrate is up to you. Just don’t forget, others will celebrate early. Mariah Carey has already defrosted anyway, and there’s no real way to escape her. 


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