True Friends


When I was five, I thought that a true friend was someone who would color in princess coloring books and play tag with me. When I was ten, my definition changed into someone I could tell my secrets to during a sleepover. Now at 21, a true friend to me is someone honest with me, even if it’s going to hurt my feelings, and will support me through my worst times and at my best. The definition will constantly change as I grow and mature into the person I want to be, especially in today’s society.
Today finding a true friend is like a needle in a haystack. When I was growing up, countless family members shared their wisdom that not everyone is your friend and people are unkind. One of my favorite memories was with my uncle when he told me that the number of true friends you have in your life could be counted by the number of fingers you have on your hands. My friends and I are learning that, in reality, it’s the number of fingers you have on one hand that has a few fingers missing.
Today, we are surrounded by gossipers, pretenders, gold-diggers, and much more negative people. I find it hard to trust and distinguish between the fake personalities and those who genuinely care. I hope that one day, the behaviors of those who feel the need to deceive and act fake to others will think twice.
We already live in a world full of so much hate; why add to it?

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Love this. Love you