Farewell to Four Graduating NewEnglander members

As another school year ends, we at the NewEnglander say farewell to our four graduating seniors.
   Alex Elliott, my co-editor in chief. Thank you for all of your hard work to make the NewEnglander the go-to news place on campus. An even bigger thank you for your dedication and the long hours you spent on the print edition of the NewEnglander and the rest of the graduating class, and I appreciate it!
  Hannah Massoni, our social media manager. Thank you for not only being a great contributor in the newsroom but also helping to redo the social media. You are a social media wizard!
  Katelyn Bailey has spent her last semester at the NewEnglander. Katelyn has spent the last fourteen weeks making the NewEnglander multimedia. She has been working hard to make the NewEnglander an app.
  Pat Hagerty has spent his last semester in the New Englander. Pat kept the readers up to date on what was happening at New England College athletics. One of Pat’s most significant articles is a Women’s Lacrosse player scoring her 100th goal.
Thank you again for helping make NewEnglander what it is.
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