100 Days Until Graduation


100 days.

2,400 hours.

144,000 minutes.

8,640,000 seconds.

Yup. You read that right. On Thursday, January 31st, the seniors of New England College officially have 100 days till graduation. It has been a long four years here at New England College, but the memories have made the time fly by.

Although these long and cold days seem to drag on, graduation is just around the corner. We have made it through Alumni Weekend, Fall Festival, River day, and Commencement begins to creep up on us. Even though we have been through so much as a class we still have so much more to go.

As I sit here and write about having 100 days left in my senior and final year of college, I think of all the things I am so happy I did. I think about choosing to play on the ice hockey team. I think about how I decided to stay here after my freshman year, even though Henniker is in the middle of nowhere, and nothing stays open later than 11pm. I think about the fact that I was able to call Henniker my “home” for the past four years.

Everyone knows everything that you are happy you did, there is always something that you regret doing, or maybe never did. I think of the classes I chose to skip out of pure laziness. I think of the regrets of the homework assignments I decided to half a**, because I knew I could get away with it. I think of all the friendships I lost over stupid drama, or just losing touch because of not putting enough effort in.

All the positive and negative things that have happened to me in the majority of my adult life, I think of NEC. I hope all students at NEC really take in and enjoy all the moments here, because you never know how quickly they will pass. Don’t overthink the small things, because in reality it isn’t going to matter in a few years.