Bentley’s Barks: A small dog living in a big world


Hi, my name is Bentley!! I am an eight-week old golden doodle. Actually, I’m a little different from your average golden doodle, I’m a mini! My mom was a beautiful golden retriever, and my dad was a dashing red mini poodle.

Today I woke up like any other. I think it was maybe 3:30 AM today, but my brother Brody and I were up and ready for the day. We got a quick potty break in before we had a filling breakfast, then we were ready to take on the day.

I started to play with my brothers and sisters and then my human mom came and picked me up. I thought it was like any other time she wanted to hold me, but I wanted to play, so I started to cry. She didn’t just hold me though. She wrapped me in a blanket and put me into a metal box. They had black round things on the bottom of them, she kept repeating “let’s go to the car, come on Bentley,” I don’t know what that means but she had treats so I followed.

It felt like forever in that moving metal box, but finally she grabbed me again and brought me into another building, but not like the home I was at before. This place had lots of other dogs of all shapes and sizes. They all seemed like they had just been taken from their families as well. I wasn’t scared though. The nice lady gave me some food and some toys to play with, so I had no problem being there.

Then something strange happened. Two more female humans walked into the room I was in. They were different. One immediately grabbed me from the other human’s arms, and started hugging and kissing my head. I had never seen either of them before so I was a little scared, but they seemed harmless.

The hugging wasn’t the end of it, they took my food, my blanket, and then they took me. We went into another moving metal box, I’m sure it was called a car now because both girls kept calling it that.

The car ride seemed like forever. We went from light to dark, to a white fluttery area. The two humans kept calling it snow, so I guess there was a snow storm.

We got back to the new human’s home, but my brothers and sisters, and mom weren’t there. I was so sad. I kept being passed from human to human and it made me really sleepy. I went to sleep in a giant flat floating platform. It was huge until my new human got onto it as well. I closed my eyes and went for a long sleep, I dreamed of my brothers and sisters and how much I missed them and wondered if I would ever see them again, but the new human seemed to really like me. She took good care of me and made me happy, so maybe this wasn’t such a bad place.

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Katie is a senior Communication Studies student at New England College focusing on public relations. When she is not in class or writing for The New Englander, you can find her in the ice rink where she plays for the women's ice hockey team.
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