Powerball Reaches Record $2.3 Billion


On Saturday, the Powerball reached a record $1.6 Billion, the highest it has been in American history. Yet, nobody claimed the winning numbers that night, which carried over the winnings to the next drawing on Monday, increasing the jackpot to $2.3 billion, the new highest record.  

But when it came time to draw the numbers, the record jackpot was put on hold due to a technical issue, causing the numbers to be delayed. On Tuesday morning, the issue had been resolved and the numbers were pulled. The winning ticket was said to have been sold somewhere in California. 

There are two options for a winner when it comes to receiving their earnings. First is a lump sum payout, which the federal government will take out 24% for taxes, and you keep the rest. But, if you reside in a state where there are more taxes on your earnings, that percentage will also be deducted.  

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