Community Food Business Concept Wins NEC Shark Tank


The annual Shark Tank event, sponsored by the Management Division and the Office of Career and Life Planning, was held on March 8, 2023.

This year’s winners were Rebecca Eaton, who placed third, Joaquin Sanchez, who placed second, and Isaiah Hughes, who won it all and took home the grand prize of $500 for his family business.

Hudges explained that his business serves food to first responders.

“My business is a brunch restaurant to bring the community together by showing extreme care and love to each and every one of our customers,” Hughes said.

Hughes said his family was surprised because he normally keeps to himself, but they are enthusiastic about what his win could mean for the community.

“Coming from a black family and knowing how I wanted to change the world, they were really shocked that I had the courage to go on stage and speak about the business,” Hughes said.

Hughes stressed how grateful it is to have the support of the NEC community.

“I want to thank the judges for believing in me and my business to really bring change,” he said.

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