Kim Kardashian Appropriates Again!


In the last few weeks, social media has been weighing in on how they feel about Kim Kardashian’s new hairstyle. And you’ve guessed right, the comment section wasn’t filled with words of admiration nor questions of who did her hair, but people accusing her of culture appropriation once again.

Kim Kardashian, among the black women community, is seen as the “Black-White Girl.” From the booty implants to the lip fillers, Kim Kardashian is the want-to-be white girl and is accused of culture appropriation on the daily. This week when she referenced Fulani braids, which originated in Africa but were worn by the white actress Bo Derek in the early 80’s, the black community gave Kim serious backlash.

For those who aren’t aware, braids and cornrows are very popular among the African American Community spanning from Africa to the Caribbean. They can be worn simply for protective style or just as a way to be creative and express your individuality.

But the real question is: Why is Kim Kardashian wearing braids such a huge problem?

Well, for starters, Kim Kardashian gets style inspiration from the black community and never gives credit or acknowledges where she received the ideas from. She walks around acting as if she created it when she didn’t. Second, she’s praised for doing everything that black women are born with and considered to be on a higher pedestal than others.

This is clearly a slap in the face to the black community.

Junior NEC student, Nadiyah Green, commented on Kim K’s recent cultural appropriation. “Sadly, this isn’t anything new on social media regarding culture appropriation, sometimes all it takes is recognition and respect to bring communities together all over the world, whether it’s a hairstyles or inspiration paying respect is important.”

We clearly can see from recent Instagram quotes that Kim K doesn’t care at all what the black community thinks or says about her recent cultural appropriation. She clapped back to those who questioned her with an Instagram post saying “no fucks given.”

So it’s clear to see that black women will continue to be the underdog of their own culture, while white women get praise for stealing.

What a time to be black and cultured.



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